At Stella Maris, Dr. Alvarez and his staff fully realize the stress that patients experience about being in a foreign land at such a desperate time in their lives for cancer treatment. Together, they make every effort that they possibly can to help their patients relax and get the most out of their treatment. They provide emotional support and Tender-Loving-Care to comfort and nurture their patients back to complete recovery. Dr. Alvarez has worked with doctors from Germany and other countries to bring the most effective and advanced treatment therapies to his Tijuana clinic. He has successfully treated cancer patients for over 37 years. Here are some of the benefits you will receive from the dedicated staff at Stella Maris Clinic:


Dr. Alvarez is constantly available throughout the day and maintains a high visibility. His office is located at the treatment room for easy access and to help you feel safe. He checks on each patient everyday, answers your questions, keeps you informed, and provides lectures to explain treatment methods. If you require hospitalization, a hospital is nearby.


Dr. Alvarez is supported by an English-speaking staff who is very attentive and responsive to your needs. They provide treatment Monday through Friday.


Ofelia, the head nurse, has been with Dr. Alvarez since 1993. Previously, she assisted him at the Manner Clinic. The Nurses's Station is located at the patient treatment area. Ofelia is extraordinary in drawing blood and in administering the i.v.'s without hurting the patients.


The kitchen staff serves healthful, organic meals and juices for breakfast and lunch daily. Every effort is made to accommodate your particular dietary needs and to satisfy your tastebuds as well. Nutritious and flavorful foods are provided to nourish you back to health.


Hotels use filtered water in beverages and ice, and in food preparation. Hotel Lucerna (3 stars) provides a very restful home-away-from-home stay. Its easy access to the clinic saves you valuable time, energy, and wear-and-tear because you don't have to be concerned with delays typically involved in crossing the border; instead of sitting in a van, you can be comfortably resting in your lovely room.


Lodging in Tijuana is ideally located near Stella Maris at the lovely Grand Hotel Tijuana (4 stars). Grand Hotel Tijuana has comfort, distinction, service, and everything you desire in one place.


Another beautiful place to stay is the Marriott Tijuana, (5 stars) this hotel is a jewel of hospitality, located a mere 5 minutes away from the clinic. The vanguard architecture of this building makes it one of the city's most modern constructions and provides travelers with considerable technological advantages.


Dr. Alvarez choose the name Stella Maris for his clinic because it means "Star of the Sea" and provides hope for all who come here. Dr. Alvarez offers his expertise and vast professional experience in cancer treatment and welcomes any questions you may have in making your selection. He sincerely wishes you the very best for a long, healthful and joyous life.





In Stella Maris, qualified, experienced attention is combined with personal care to meet your individual needs. Dr. Gilberto Alvarez is a graduate of the National Autonomous University in Mexico City. He has over thirty seven years experience that includes working in conjunction with Dr. Ernesto Contreras from 1977-1981, being the Medical Director at Manner Clinic 1982-1992, and then Medical Director at Stella Maris since 1993. He participated in the work of Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy in Munich, Germany with Dr. Karl Ronsberger. He became a member of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) in Florence, Italy in 2005. His experience is vast in cancer and other disorders, and in the different programs employed at the clinic.


Dr. Alvarez is a highly qualified physician; he passed the US medical boards, which makes him eligible to practice medicine in the United States. As a medical director, he is not a distant figure locked in an office; he is your attending physician. You are under his care everyday of your stay. He answers your calls and personally contacts you before and after your stay. Under the direction of Dr. Gilberto Alvarez, the staff is carefully chosen to help you in your path of recovery: from the nurse to the assisting doctors, all are more than qualified for their work and they are also caring individuals.