Cancer Natural Therapies



Amigdalyn is a special compound that acts directly on cancerous cells. It is extracted from the apricot kernels. The most important part of its molecular composition is hydrocyanic, an anti-cancerous compound. Beta glucosidase is an enzyme mostly present in tumor cells.

This enzyme will be breaking down the amigdalyn molecules (glucose, benzaldehyde and cyanide) triggering the action of the hydrocyanic acid (cyanide) into the cancer cell. Hence this free cyanide will be poisoning the cancer cell. Normal cells are mostly deficient on this beta glucosidase enzyme; therefore the amigdalyn will not be broken down into its molecular components.

Otherwise, normal cells contain an enzyme called rhodanese, which catalyzes the reaction and binds any free cyanide to sulfur, eventually converted to a cyanate, which is a neutral, non toxic substance passed out in the urine.


Vitamin C inhibits tumor growth, helps the production of interferon, and halts the progression of carcinogenic n-nitrous compounds. These nitrose compounds are mostly present in food preservatives, smoked fish, bacon, etc.

They are strongly linked to stomach and colon cancer. During the patientís booster treatments at Stella Maris Clinic, mega dosages of ascorbic acid is diluted in a solution and administered through a slow intravenous drip.

Dymethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)

Dimethyl Sulfoxide was discovered by Dr. Alexander Zaizeff in Russia, 1866 as a very potent anti inflammatory with analgesic properties. Eventually, Dr. Stanley Jacob and Dr. Herschiller in 1966 discovered the broad therapeutic spectrum of DMSO. Among them is its role as a chelating agent as well as a catalyst of the entry of compounds across the blood brain barrier.

It is also a very potent transporter. It has the ability to carry important biologic natural weapons into the cell without altering the integrity of the cellular membranes. It is administered through a slow IV drip during the patient‘s booster treatment. There are no side-effects with the exception of a certain transient oyster or garlic odor.