One of the main obstacles orthodox practitioners face when dealing with cancer therapies is related to tumor cell resistance. This is mostly influenced by three main factors:
  1. Tumor DNA mutations
  2. Previous overexposure to chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy
  3. Protein coat which surrounds cancer cells (sialic acid)
Therefore, any conventional therapy would be unsuccessful in eliminating any given tumor, until we have eradicated this tumor cell resistance.

Our metabolic approach at SMC is administered in four different fields:
  1. Cellular Level Stabilization
  2. Using Cancer Natural Therapies
  3. Promoting Immune Response
  4. Decreasing Tumor Cell Resistance
This is one of the main reasons why we have been so successful in the treatment and prevention of cancer, accumulating a clinical experience of more than 35 years.

The meaning of Metabolic Therapy implies the use of natural weapons and a wide variety of nutritional supplements as required on each individual person in the prevention or treatment of any illness.

The Basic Program involves an Initial 3 Week Therapy Program, including the following :

Toxins enter the body from the environment, food, contaminated water, medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

Caffeine stimulation of bile secretion is an important part of detoxification:
  • - Restores the alkaline condition of the small intestine.
  • - Improves the absorption of enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients.
Through coffee retention enemas we are restoring the alkaline state in the small intestine, thus improving the absorption of enzymes, vitamins and nutrients.

In the mean time, we are detoxifying the liver as well as enhancing the bowel functioning.

This process will be complemented with liver detoxifiers, raw vegetable juices, antioxidants, and an appropriate diet.

Enzyme Therapy:
Natural enzymes break down the protein shell which surrounds the cancer growth. These enzymes will also be promoting the liberation of the Tumor Necrosis Factor, Interlukin II and Interferon, as natural killers, through the macrophages.

I.V. Cocktail
Ascorbic Acid

This combination will be diluted in Isotonic Saline Solution slow IV drip on a daily basis. The variation of the concentration of the products depends on the patients condition.

Nutritional Guidance
It‘s essential in Metabolic Therapy. Certain life-style changes are recommended, especially in our eating habits, cutting down calories intake, as well as saturated fat, cholesterol, food preservatives, etc.

Stress Management
This is to help the patient reduce stress and pain through non-chemical means. In a relaxed state, the digestive system will be improved and the body will be able to use the nutrients, enzymes and energy to fight the illness and repair the body and enhance the body's Immune System.

Individualized Protocol
It will depend upon the patient's tolerance and laboratory reports. Therapy will also include antioxidants, biologic response modifiers, raw glandular products, trace minerals, hydrazine sulfate, and nutritional supplements.

Diagnostic Services
Full diagnostic services including laboratory tests, radiology, CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, etc. are available for complete evaluation and monitoring purposes. Our experience with Cancer Patients has shown best results with: Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Brain Tumor, Colon Cancer and others.