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If you have any questions, call Dr. Alvarez at 619-405-5199 or directly to the clinic at + 52-664-634-3444 from 9am to 3pm Pacific Time We encourage patients to travel over the weekend, arriving at the clinic Monday morning on a fasting condition in order to collect laboratory specimen and starting IV treatments early morning.


Payment Methods:


Payments can be made by Cashier's Check, Traveler's Check, Money Order or Bank Transfer. No credit cards or personal checks accepted.




Lodging in Tijuana is ideally located near Stella Maris at the lovely Hotel Lucerna, Hotel Camino Real, Grand Hotel Tijuana. Patients can walk only a few blocks from the clinic to the hotel. Shuttle service is available with no extra cost. Rooms were recently remodeled and the hotels are immaculately maintained. Stella Maris patients receive a 50% discount for single or double occupancy. You have the option of eating in the cafeí, or you can enjoy fine dining at the restaurant.


Tijuana Hotels use filtered water in beverages and ice and in food preparation. They provide a very restful home-away-from-home. Their easy access to the clinic saves you valuable time, energy and wear-and-tear. You donít have to be concerned with delays, which are typically involved in crossing the border; instead of sitting in a van, you can be comfortably resting in your lovely room.


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