I am doing well and fully back into my busy life after I left the Stella Maris Clinic in February. I spent a lot of my recovery truly resting and eating well. All of those weeks and months were in an environmentof little or no stress, which I am sure, made a big difference.

I am so grateful for everything you did for me at the clinic — not only did the treatment seem to work amazingly well on the cancer, but on my body as a whole.

I hope all is well for everyone there. I’m sending you all my very best wishes and blessings.

JB, Littleton CO, USA



After our first visit to your clinic M was essentially cancer-free and still further confirmation came from the results of PET scan and chest X-ray. It thus appears that you were more successful than you had supposed. Please extend our kindest wishes to Ofelia, Idania, and of course, your wife Linda.

JM, San Antonio, Texas



Happy Holidays,

I wish to thank you and your staff for the fine treatment you afforded me during my stay in Mexico.

I have been feeling better each day, even quit the pain tablets. Hopefully you have me on the right path to complete recovery. Please convey my deepest appreciation, not only to yourself and Linda, but to your staff, especially Ofelia.

Feliz Navidad

SW, Karnack TX



I am well!!! As always, with gratitude for the loving care I received at Stella Maris….. I may just live to be a very old lady!




To Dr. Alvarez & Linda,

I will miss you and I know I will be back; thank you for taking good care of me and my husband with our stay. Your kindness, love, caring for your patients will always be appreciated.




Dr. Alvarez, Linda, Ofelia:

L continues to improve day by day , thanks to your care & dedication to helping people rid their bodies of cancer. There was a follow up article in the local paper here about how well your treatments have worked — We look forward to seeing soon.