Through coffee retention enemas, we are restoring the alkaline state at the small intestine, thus improving the absorption of enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. This allows liver detoxification as well as enhanced the bowel functioning.

This process will be complemented with liver detoxifiers, raw vegetable juices, antioxidants and a personalized diet. 



Oxidative stress is and outcome of an imbalance between an excess generation of free radicals and decreased endogenous production of antioxidants, this impairs the cell from appropriate functioning, thus affecting the body’s own immune system. The role of antioxidant therapy is essential to counteract these unstable molecules that can impair health and wellbeing. 

Environmental and biological processes that occur constantly in our daily lives result into free radicals. Excess free radicals damage the cell DNA and impairs functionality which can result into disease. The effect of these free radicals can be mitigated through antioxidant therapy. Antioxidants are essential to counteract these unstable free radical molecules that in excess, can result into chronic degenerative disease.


Chelation has been around for many decades. At first, it was only used to treat lead poisoning. Throughout the years and with the contribution of other scientists, it has been documented that chelation therapy can also help eliminate unwanted body’s toxins by improving the circulatory system, lowers cholesterol, and also improves cell function. EDTA and DMSO are essential components which help Chelation therapy. This should be handled exclusively by an experienced qualified physicia


Cancer cells are surrounded by a type of protein shell located at the membrane level, contributing to cancer cell resistance. Proteolytic enzymes destroy the protein shell that surrounds the cell.

In order to provide you with this proteolytic action, these enzymes are to be taken at least one or two hours away from any solid food, mainly animal protein. Proteolytic enzymes are also important immunomodulators, enhancing the body’s own immune system, keeping the cancer cells from spreading.


Amygdalin is a special compound found in apricot kernels that act directly on cancerous cells. Cancer cells contain an enzyme called beta- glucosidase. This enzyme breaks down laetrile into 4 different molecules: 2 glucose, 1 benzaldehyde and 1 hydrocyanic acid (cyanide). This free cyanide is known for its anti-cancer activity, killing cancer cells by intercepting the oxygen uptake at the ferrous portion of the hemoglobin.

Clinic Location


SMC is conveniently located 5 minutes from the United States- Mexico border, in the business district area of Tijuana. Five-star hotels, fine restaurants and shopping malls are within walking distance. The clinic itself is professional, personalized, and comfortable. This harmonious combination of professional services and caring atmosphere makes us different from other settings. 

Stella Maris Clinic is located 5 minutes from the United States- Mexico border in Tijuana in the business district of Tijuana. The intimate clinic offers a variety of personalized treatment for cancer patients.

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Dr. Alvarez has over 37 years of experience treating cancer.

Personalized Treatments


Our treatments are tailored to your individual needs.

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At Stella Maris...


Dr. Alvarez and his staff fully realize the stress that patients experience about being in a foreign land at such a desperate time in their lives for cancer treatment. Together, they make every effort that they possibly can to help their patients relax and get the most out of their treatment. They provide integrative support to comfort and nurture their patients back to complete recovery.  

Dr. Alvarez is constantly available throughout the day and maintains a high visibility. His office is located at the treatment room for easy access and to help you feel safe. He checks on each patient everyday, answers your questions, keeps you informed, and provides lectures to explain treatment methods.  They provide treatment Monday through Friday.   Ofelia, the head nurse, has been with Dr. Alvarez since 1993. Previously, she assisted him at the Manner Clinic. The Nurses's Station is located at the patient treatment area. Ofelia is extraordinary in drawing blood and in administering the i.v.'s without hurting the patients.

The kitchen staff serves healthful, organic meals and juices for breakfast and lunch daily. Every effort is made to accommodate your particular dietary needs and to satisfy your tastebuds as well.    Hotel Lucerna (3 stars) provides a very restful home-away-from-home stay. Its easy access to the clinic saves you valuable time, energy, and wear-and-tear because you don't have to be concerned with delays typically involved in crossing the border; instead of sitting in a van, you can be comfortably resting in your lovely room.   Lodging is available near Stella Maris at the lovely Grand Hotel Tijuana (4 stars).  Another beautiful place to stay is the Marriott Tijuana, (5 stars)    

Dr. Alvarez choose the name Stella Maris for his clinic because it means "Star of the Sea" and provides hope for all who come here. Dr. Alvarez offers his expertise and vast professional experience in cancer treatment and welcomes any questions you may have in making your selection. He sincerely wishes you the very best for a long, healthful and joyous life. Our treatments are tailored to your individual needs.     

Metabolic Therapies for Healthful Living

Stella Maris Clinic


 Stella Maris Clinic offers its expertise and vast professional experience in cancer treatment and welcomes any questions you may have.

Cellular Stabilization


 Stabilization takes place at a celular level, balancing the cell functions for better performing digestive, respiratory, lymphatic and circulatory systems 

Cancer Natural Therapies


They are natural, non-toxic substances that attack malignancies, they selectively target and destroy cancer cells while healthy cells remain unharmed. 



Any cell can mutate in response to negative factors, but a healthy immune system will stop  growth and defend against cancer. 



By lowering the malignant tumor's own defenses, success rates elevate due to augmented  efficacy of treatment.



Our patients speak of their personal experience and the results obtained at Stella Maris Clinic

What Makes Us Different


At Stella Maris Clinic...

Qualified, experienced attention is combined with personal care to meet your individual needs. Dr. Gilberto Alvarez is a graduate of the National Autonomous University in Mexico City. 

His field experience includes working in conjunction with Dr. Ernesto Contreras from 1977-1981, being the Medical Director at Manner Clinic 1982-1992, founder and medical director at Stella Maris since 1993. He participated in the work of Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy in Munich, Germany with Dr. Karl Ronsberger, 1991. Member of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) in Florence, Italy since 2005. Certified in RIGVIR Therapy, Riga, Latvia, October 2017.  

Dr. Alvarez is a highly qualified physician; he passed the US medical boards, which makes him qualified to practice medicine in the United States. As a medical director, he is not a distant figure locked in an office; he is your attending physician. You are under his care everyday of your stay. He answers your calls and personally contacts you before and after your stay. Under the direction of Dr. Gilberto Alvarez, the staff is carefully chosen to help you in your path of recovery: from the nurse to the assisting doctors, all are more than qualified for their work and they are also caring individuals. 

Stella Maris Clinic

Our Promise to You

We care about your well being and will provide you with guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be healthy. We are here to help you achieve optimal wellness by using complementary alternative medicine.


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Treatment Approach

Our metabolic approach at SMC is administered in four different fields:

  1. Cellular Level Stabilization
  2. Using Cancer Natural Therapies
  3. Promoting Immune Response
  4. Decreasing Tumor Cell Resistance 




Stabilization takes place at a celular level, balancing the cell functions for better performing digestive, respiratory, lymphatic and circulatory systems utilizing new cancer treatments such as complementary alternative medicine for cancer..


 Through coffee retention enemas we are restoring the alkaline state in the small intestine, thus improving the absorption of enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. In the mean time, we are detoxifying the liver as well as enhancing the bowel functioning.
This process will be complemented with liver detoxifiers, raw vegetable juices, antioxidants, and an appropriate diet. 


 Through coffee retention enemas we are restoring the alkaline state in the small intestine, thus improving the absorption of enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. In the mean time, we are detoxifying the liver as well as enhancing the bowel functioning.
This process will be complemented with liver detoxifiers, raw vegetable juices, antioxidants, and an appropriate diet. 


 Chelation has been around for decades. In the beginning, it was used to treat lead poisoning. With the help of innovative scientists, we were able to learn that correct treatment with Chelation rids the body of unwanted toxins. Before we go on�a word of caution: Chelation should be delivered exclusively by a qualified, experienced physician. As you will soon learn, many details must be taken into account to deliver an adequate Chelation therapy. At S.M.C., we have over twenty years of experience in Chelation. It is an exciting option because of the vast benefits it offers.
Who should receive chelation?
Please answer this questionnaire:  • Have you received medications for long periods of time?  • Have you been told you have arthritis, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, or high blood pressure?  • Do you suffer from poor circulation or heart problems?  • Are you at risk for a stroke or have a neurological condition?  • Have you received chemotherapy or radiation?  • Do you live in a polluted environment?  • Have you been exposed to toxic elements, such as mercury, lead, or nickel? (To answer this question, check to see if you have amalgam fillings in your mouth)
If you answered ‘yes‘ to any of these questions, or if you know someone who might be interested, please, for your health or the health of a loved one, contact us. 


 Cancer cells are surrounded by a type of protein coating that is destroyed by Proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes keep the cancer from spreading.
Enzymes are more important than vitamins and minerals for general health. Without enzymes, vitamins and minerals are useless. Enzymes are catalysts for metabolic processes and digestion. A catalyst initiates a chemical process without being part of the resultant product.
Proteolytic enzymes or protease can be used, in part, to digest complete proteins that are in meat. Yet, outside of meals, they have been harnessed for a multitude of healing processes, sometimes exclusively and sometimes in conjunction with other therapies. When not used for digestion in the small intestines, these enzymes are free to roam through the blood stream seeking to break down hard protein, fibrin surfaces, scar tissue, granuloma, and even cancer cells' tough coatings.  

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 Amigdalyn is a special compound that acts directly on cancerous cells. It is extracted from the apricot kernels. The most important part of its molecular composition is hydrocyanic acid, an anti-cancerous compound.  This free cyanide will be poisoning the cancer cell. 


 Vitamin C inhibits tumor growth, helps the production of interferon, and halts the progression of carcinogenic n-nitrous compounds. These nitrose compounds are mostly present in food preservatives, smoked fish, bacon, etc.
They are strongly linked to stomach and colon cancer. During the patient’s booster treatments at Stella Maris Clinic, mega dosages of ascorbic acid is diluted in a solution and administered through a slow intravenous drip. 

Dymethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)

 Dimethyl Sulfoxide was discovered by Dr. Alexander Zaizeff in Russia, 1866 as a very potent anti inflammatory with analgesic properties. Eventually, Dr. Stanley Jacob and Dr. Herschiller in 1966 discovered the broad therapeutic spectrum of DMSO. Among them is its role as a chelating agent as well as a catalyst of the entry of compounds across the blood brain barrier.

It is also a very potent transporter. It has the ability to carry important biologic natural weapons into the cell without altering the integrity of the cellular membranes with no side-effects.




BRM's are substances that stimulate the body's response to infection and disease. The body naturally produces small amounts of these substances. Scientists can produce some of them in the laboratory in large amounts for use in treating cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.BMRs used in biological therapies include monoclonal antibodies, interferon, interleukin-2 (IL-2), and several types of colony- stimulating factors (CSF, GM-CSF, G-CSF). Interleukin-2 and interferon are BRMs being tested for the treatment of advanced malignant melanoma. Interferon is a BRM now in use to treat hepatitis C.


 Viscum album is a European type of mistletoe that has been used since the turn of the century in Switzerland and Germany to treat cancer and other diseases.
Scientific information has revealed that this herbal extract helps fight cancer in two basic ways. It works as immunoregulator and has anti-tumoral properties.
It causes the cancer cell to change back into a more differentiated form, thus promoting its regression.
 • - Regulation and/or augmentation of the immune response.  • - Cytotoxic or cytostatic activity directed toward cancer cells.  • - Inhibition of metastasis, differentiation or maturation.  • - Immune regulation and immune restoration.  • - Improved tolerance of normal cells to anticancer therapy.  • - Direct antitumoral effects. 


Autologous vaccine therapy has proven most effective. It is prepared from the patient's own blood which represents his/her unique internal microbial environment. The vaccine is customized to fulfill individual immuno-biological needs. The preparation follows a procedure that favors the development of antigenic peptides and other immunogenic compounds which act in concert to restore the body's natural defense mechanisms.

Clinical research suggests that:  

1. The vaccine stimulates the formation and activation of T-helper cells, macrophages, and natural killer cells.  

2. As an antigen fraction of autologous mycoplasmas and mycoplasma-like organisms, it binds mycoplasma-specific antigens by cluster formation.  

3. It exposes the cancer cells to the immune system by degrading their protective mechanisms. 


These are cells that have been exposed to  an specific antigen and activated. meaning that they have combined with a specific antibody to form a complex capable of reacting with complement components.

 This tells us that human monocyte functions can be altered by products of activated lymphocytes. 

RIGVIR®, innovative melanoma treatment.

 RIGVIR® is the first oncolytic virotherapy medicine that has been approved for cancer treatment and that has been introduced into medical practice, it contains a live non-pathogenic ECHO-7 virus that has not been genetically modified. 

How it works? 

RIGVIR® finds and infects tumour cells. This process is called oncotropism. Subsequently, RIGVIR® replicates in tumour cells and destroys them. This process is called oncolysis. Both processes, oncotropism and oncolysis, are selective for tumour cells and healthy cells are only minimally affected, if at all. Virotherapy is a type of immunotherapy with immune system boosting activity to raise the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer and it is administered as a series of injections according to virotherapy treatment protocols.

RIGVIR® is a prescription medicine approved for the treatment of melanoma, local therapy of the skin and subcutaneous metastases of melanoma and the prevention of relapses of metastases after surgery. In clinical practice RIGVIR® is also used for more than 10 other types of cancer, based on the individual recommendations of physicians.

Side effects 

Cancer virotherapy is a treatment method that is gentle to a body and has minimum side effects. Most common side effect is slightly increased body temperature (up to 37.5°C, 99.5°F) lasting one to three days. 




 Hyperthermia has shown to be effective in almost all cancer modalities. It can also be combined with other cancer therapies.  
It increases the cellular metabolic rate, breaking down glucose to lactic acid and thus decreasing pH to very low levels. High acidity and hypoxemia also damage the vessels that nourish tumor cells, thus choking them off from blood supply. High temperatures kill cancer cells and increases potent effects of herbal and nutritional anti-cancer therapies.
It also damages the membranes, proteins, and enzymes of cancer cells making them more sensitive to other therapies. 

Immunological and biological effects due to heat are accelerated emigration and migration of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, activation of effecter cells, induction and secretion cytokines, and expression of heat shock proteins (HSP) which increases the antigenicity of cancer cells.
During the hyperthermia procedure, the patient is under mild sedation, continuously monitored with O2 saturation, blood pressure, pulse, ecg, and temperature. With the use of thermal probes, the information provided feeds back to the computer that controls the heat exchange unit.
Constant medical and nursing surveillance makes the procedure a safe and reliable therapeutic tool. 

Hyperthermia indications:   

  • For patients with isolated metastasis   
  • Adjuvant treatment in oncology
  • Malignant Lymphomas 
  • Immunological efficiency against tumor cells 
  • Thermal regulation, often disrupted by cancer, can be unblocked.     
  • Hepatitis C.


 Dendritic Cells are bone-marrow-derived professional antigen presenting cells. Dc‘s have the ability to induce primary T-cell-dependent immune responses in vivo and in vitro. This unique feature gives dendritic cells a central role in controlling immunity.
DC‘s are potent antigen presenting cells (APCs) that possess the ability to stimulate naïve T-cells. They comprise a system of leukocytes widely distributed in all tissues, especially in those that provide an environmental interface. 


 It is an effective and powerful treatment for cancer, using insulin to increase the cancer killing effects of chemotherapy. Because of this potentiating effect, lower doses of chemotherapy are used, making it a much safer option than traditional methods in the treatment of cancer. 


SMC Brochure 2018 (pdf)




Patients testimonials

 I am doing well and fully back into my busy life after I left the Stella Maris Clinic in February. I spent a lot of my recovery truly resting and eating well. All of those weeks and months were in an environment of little or no stress, which I am sure, made a big difference.
I am so grateful for everything you did for me at the clinic — not only did the treatment seem to work amazingly well on the cancer, but on my body as a whole.
I hope all is well for everyone there. I’m sending you all my very best wishes and blessings.
JB, Littleton CO, USA     

After our first visit to your clinic M was essentially cancer-free and still further confirmation came from the results of PET scan and chest X-ray. It thus appears that you were more successful than you had supposed. Please extend our kindest wishes to Ofelia, Idania, and of course, your wife Linda.
JM, San Antonio, Texas    

 Happy Holidays,
I wish to thank you and your staff for the fine treatment you afforded me during my stay in Mexico.  I have been feeling better each day, even quit the pain tablets. Hopefully you have me on the right path to complete recovery. Please convey my deepest appreciation, not only to yourself and Linda, but to your staff, especially Ofelia. Feliz Navidad !
SW, Karnack TX     

I am well!!! As always, with gratitude for the loving care I received at Stella Maris….. I may just live to be a very old lady!
L, USA     

To Dr. Alvarez & Linda,
I will miss you and I know I will be back; thank you for taking good care of me and my husband with our stay. Your kindness, love, caring for your patients will always be appreciated.
R, USA     

Dr. Alvarez, Linda, Ofelia:
L continues to improve day by day , thanks to your care & dedication to helping people rid their bodies of cancer. There was a follow up article in the local paper here about how well your treatments have worked — We look forward to seeing soon.

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 If you have any questions, call Dr. Alvarez at 619-405-5199 and 619 900 7768 or directly to the clinic at + 52-664-634-3444 and you can also send faxes at  + 52-664-634-7476 from 9am to 2pm Pacific Time We encourage patients to travel over the weekend, arriving at the clinic Monday morning on a fasting condition in order to collect laboratory specimen and starting IV treatments early morning.  


Payment Methods:   

Payments can be made by Cashier's Check, Traveler's Check, Money Order and Bank Transfer. No credit cards or personal checks accepted.   


Lodging in Tijuana is ideally located near Stella Maris. Hyatt Hotel has beautiful spacious rooms and provides shuttle service.  Hotel City Express Suites, has also a full kitchen and shuttle service, other choices are Hotel Lucerna, Hotel Camino Real, Grand Hotel Tijuana. Patients can walk only a few blocks from the clinic to the hotel.  Shuttle service is available with no extra cost. Rooms were recently remodeled and the hotels are immaculately maintained. Stella Maris patients receive special rates for single or double occupancy. You have the option of eating in the cafe, or you can enjoy fine dining at the restaurant.   Tijuana Hotels use filtered water in beverages and ice and in food preparation. They provide a very restful home-away-from-home. Their easy access to the clinic saves you valuable time, energy and wear-and-tear. You dont have to be concerned with delays, which are typically involved in crossing the border; instead of sitting in a van, you can be comfortably resting in your lovely room.   Contact us to assist you with your reservations.